Wealth Management

Golden Nest Egg

This could be seen as the combination of all of the other areas of advice, but in a more concentrated and focussed way.

It is not just for the ultra-wealthy; it is also for those who are starting to receive or generate increasing wealth and do not want to lose it.

There are many options to Wealth Management that draw on nice attractive products and services, when which combined, create a firm foundation to build and protect one’s wealth. At the same time some of you will have more complex needs and increased wealth, whether it is through an inheritance or good financial planning.

If it is the latter, through our advice process, we will have been steadily building all your nest eggs and protecting what you are building up.We can then concentrate on enhancing it. We recognise that at this level, you will often have three decisions to make, firstly what to “keep and build” secondly “what should be passed on to others”, and thirdly “when and how to do this”.

We will employ trust planning, gifting strategies, portfolio management and plain old common sense in how we approach this for you. If you have inherited a large sum, then a lot of the strategies and decisions will be very new to you. We will take our time to explain your options, so that you can see that, ideally, your wealth can out-last you, but structure how you spend and gift, so that not only can your wealth be the gift that keeps giving to others you care about, but it can keep giving back to you.

Product Information

We offer Trust planning, Inheritance Tax Solutions, Gifting Options, Portfolio Construction, Accumulation and De-accumulation Strategies.

The Financial Conduct Authority does no regulate will writing and taxation and trust advice.