Our approach

By utilising in-house expertise and selected professional connections, we aim to provide you with a ‘one-stop’ service.

When advising our clients, we ensure three things:

  • We establish a process for communicating between you and ourselves
  • We seek to manage risk within your portfolio of savings, assets and pensions
  • We review and update you and your holdings to keep them on plan

Whilst every clients needs and wishes are different, the following approach is what we would usually offer you:

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

Identify your goals, values, ambitions, concerns and comfort zone for potential attitude to risk

Step 2

Develop Wealth Management and Investment Strategy

  • Plan investment options

  • Retirement plans and wishes assessment

  • Tax & trust assessments-to see how tax efficient your plans are

  • Assess how to preserve your wealth in most effective way

Step 3

Develop Investment Strategy

  • Determine risk tolerance you wish to accept

  • Identify how best to protect your wealth from tax

  • Analyse current investment portfolio

  • Develop asset allocation strategy

  • Portfolio construction

Step 4

Recommendations Meeting

  • Wealth management plan and investment strategy recommendations

  • In-person meeting to present recommendations and discuss options

Step 5

Begin Ongoing Wealth Management Plan

  • Organisation of paperwork

  • Set up online account access where appropriate

  • Develop schedule for future review meetings

Step 6

Implement Investment Strategy

  • Open new accounts

  • Transfer funds to correct places

Step 7

Initial Follow Up-Check To Ensure

  • All is well and that paperwork is correct

  • Check any queries or next steps

  • Agree review meeting timing

Step 8

Regular Review Meetings

Ongoing monitoring of wealth management plan and investment strategy